Wednesday, May 21, 2008

08 Howarth Park Dirt Crits

Once again it's time to put it all on the line for local bragging rights. The Wednesday Night Dirt Crits are returning to Howarth Park in Santa Rosa. Check it out y'all.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NorCal High School Season, etc.

I have just wrapped up the NorCal High School season, and now I'm ready to relax a bit before
I take off for France on June 11th. The results (as requested by Director Sporty)
are as follows: Race #1 - Fort Ord: 7th place
Race # 2 - Folsom Lake: 4th place
Race #3 - Grant's Ranch: 2nd place
Race #4 - Fort Ord #2: 1st place
Race #5 - Carrera Del Toro: 4th place
Race #6 - Bogg's Mountain State championships: 1st place

Its been a pretty successful season, and I'm hoping to continue racing as much as possible
during the summer. Unfortunately, with Sea Otter being what it was, expectations are a bit high, but I suppose that's
just life. And by the way, give me a call if you're riding in West Marin over the summer months, 'cause I'll be there
(as will George Hope), and both of us will pretty much ride anytime. Home: (415) 669-7652 or cell: (415) 233-3883