Tuesday, March 31, 2009

do you really want this guy building your frame???

Not too sure what Sean had for breakfast but it looks like it was laced with something. My breakfast on the other hand consisted of lots of bacon grease to get me through the cold Colorado weather. I'm not too sure what is up with the weather here lately, I guess it's just typical Colorado. It went from 80 a week and a half ago to a frigid snow storm. I was defiantly feeling a bit of cabin fever as the skies dumped nearly two feet of snow after a pleasant three hour mountain bike ride up in the high country at 70 degrees the day before. I was finally back on my bike with some consistency training then the weather hit. Quite disappointing, especially because I'm not a fan of staring at a wall while dripping sweat on indoor trainer. I have been filling the cold windy days with lots of indoor rock climbing and new artwork. It has been awhile since my last race. I'm looking forward to my first pro race at the mountain states cup race #1. There will be a time trial and a xc race. I'm not sure how it will fan out yet, but I expect to have some legs and endurance by the time the race goes down, that is weather permitting training. Hope all you Californians are take benefit of the weather I'm not, much luck in the season!!