Friday, April 4, 2008

Fontana, CA NORBA National

It has been since cross season since my last post. Here is the update, I've just started racing again, and it feels great. Not racing for a few months really makes you miss it. Over spring break I traveled out the Fontana California for the first norba national event. Let me tell you rolling into southern california smog after leaving rocky mountain fresh air was a bit disapointing. Regardless of the nasty smog and monotonous stores and homes, the races weekend was pretty good. I saw pretty good because the xc didn't go as planned. I was sitting in on the break away pack at the end of the first lap feeling strong. I decided to attack heading out on the second lap, but to no avail. My chain broke as I passed the second place racer. What a bummer; I fixed the chain and passed about ten guys before it broke again. I took the walk of shame back to the expo area, got a new chain and prepared for the race sunday. Sunday I got my revenge! I felt very confident going into the race. Quickly the break formed with three others and I. I lead out for a few laps then sat in on the wheel of the guy who won the xc race the day before. The last lap I attacked him up the four cross course, establishing a small lead and rode it into the finish to victory. I will continue to train and do races out in colorado, then head back to california for a couple weeks in may to compete in the norba number three. If anyone out there know of some magic chain that cant break pass on the info. Hope everyone on the team is doing well and is racing strong, see you in may.


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Carp said...

KMC makes a stout chain I could never break. I broke Shimano, Sram and Connex (wipperman) chains all the time when I rode more SS and the KMC never broke. I think it was a BMX chain or something, I don't remember. It was plenty long. They have it in QBP. If using gears on your bike I guess start babying your shifting a little bit. Obviously you know that if you break a chain with a chain tool you have to use a replacement pin (Shimano) or replacement link (Sram/Connex) otherwise your chain is weak if you just push the same pin back in that you pushed out to break the chain. It took me about 3 years to figure that out and lots of busted chains/knees.

That KMC chain is the strongest I've come across.