Monday, April 21, 2008

The Master and The Grasshopper

That's George Hope on the left and Daniel Boyes. George is the most elder of Team Soulcraft while young Daniel holds down the other end. They both live just south of us in the little coastal hamlet of Inverness. Apparently there's something in the water out there because George and Daniel have been crushing as of late. George won the County Line in Santa Cruz as well as the Solo Vet category at the Boggs 8hr (2nd Solo overall). Daniel has posted 4 top ten placings in the Nor-Cal High School Mountain Bike League and took 1st at the last round at Fort Ord, Monterey. When Daniel returned to Monterey for the Sea Otter, he promptly took the under-18 Expert title. What makes it all that much cooler for us is that these guys are on the team because they're good people and they represent what Soulcraft is all about: Laid back and kick-ass.

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