Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Backroads are cleaner now... or are they?

I have to say that the Spring Tour de Trash rides were a huge success this year and seem to be getting progressively better the more we "cyclists" get out there. What a feeling of accomplishment as cyclists from all over the county pitched in to help with our community services. We were able to get excellent coverage throughout Sonoma and Marin county with the help of neighboring bike teams that continuously support our cause.
The swag from 53x11 Coffee was also well received and finally addressed our constant problem of giving away prizes during the ABC Rides.
One follow up email with the county public works reported that 90% of our waypoints were already sitting in land fills days after our rides were complete. But this year marked the first time that active environmentalist cyclists took it upon themselves to recycle the glass and metal findings along our paths.

Even your Director Sportif, the Grand Pubbha, took time out of his busy schedule to help out, Bob Trailer and all. The help we received was also rewarding as the number of kids that participated in collecting the litter from I-street made all the difference.

This year's ride continued to take us into Marin county again and the trash sites are still existant in the more desirable places to live in the world. What does that say about the people who partake in these criminal activities? Well, that not my cause. I'll leave that part to the politicians. At least the Redneck got the opportunity to clean out the bakery leftovers that fine morning after the sweltering hot Grasshopper the day before.

Having said all this, thanks to all the cyclists out there making a difference for our cherished back roads and giving back to the community that allows us to have the opportunity to ride on beautiful roads. So next time you see a milk truck or hay baler out there make sure you wave goodbye, chances are that they will wave back. You know, the Soulcraft way.

Oh and by the way, I rode up my secret little steep pitch training ride this morning. Guess what I found at the top of the mountain overlooking beautiful Petaluma? Another dump site with nothing less than 20 bicycles and 50 or so rims sitting in the ditch by the road. What are we going to do with these guys?

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