Saturday, June 21, 2008

My favorite trail

I've been so freaking busy this spring that it was only just last weekend that I made it up to my favorite trail, way up high on the edge of the wilderness boundary. This trail is amazing, tough rocks and roots with big log up-and-overs, snaking through aspens and old-growth pines. It takes you out to this spectacular overlook with views of town, Mount Elden, the Dry Lake Hills, etc. It was almost hard for me to ride my bike cause I was staring at the scenery, I had to stop a few times and just look around...

I've been busy for a bunch of reasons, so I guess I'll start at the beginning. I went over to Gallup, NM in April for a Dawn-to-Dusk 12 hour MTB race, which I raced singlespeed (Thanks to White Industries for the Eccentric wheel!). I wound up winning, but by only 2 minutes or so, since I bonked UNBELIEVABLY hard on the final lap! The trails in Gallup are surprisingly good, since Gallup is such a little town off the freeway, it's not exactly a destination-yet. There's a 25 mile loop that incorporates slickrock, cool hoodoo style rocks to wind around, and fast twisty buff singletrack. Yay! They also had really cool Native American art as prizes, I won an awesome Zuni totem. They did a great job, and if any of you all get out that way you should check it out.

In May, I spearheaded the AZ state championship MTB race. It hasn't been held in Flagstaff in 15+ years, so a group of us decided to try and make it happen. It was a TON of work, but we pulled it off! The expert/pro loop was a 27 mile long loop, with some shorter loops inside it for sports and beginners. I was so happy to be able to design a course that doesn't require lots of small loops, that gets pretty old after awhile. It was ultra-technical in places, so there were lots of spectators out there to watch the Phoenix folks flail on rocks at 8,000 feet ;) I took 3rd in that race and 2nd overall for the series...not bad considering I was out until 7:30 the night before re-marking the course!

The weekend after that was, if anything, even more crazy: I got married. I know, what was I thinking trying to organize a race one weekend and a wedding the next? It was super fun though, despite the fact that it SNOWED! On memorial day weekend! For my wedding! Agghhg. It was outdoors, and we rode a decorated tandem away from the ceremony to the reception.
Not a Soulcraft, sadly, but the Souly was there in spirit as well as in cake form. Our buddy Eric baked us an unbelievably cool bicycle-shaped cake that was colored Soulcraft blue ;) You can see a photo at

So it's been fun...Thanks to Our Grand Director for sending out the awesome care package, it was exactly what I needed! And damn, but do white glasses make me look fast.

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