Friday, December 21, 2007

The Flagstaff Soulcraft contingent

Hi, I'm Linden and I am (I think) about the only non-Nor-Cal er on the Soulcraft team. A little about me:

Name: Linden Kimmerer
Age: 25
Location: Flagstaff, AZ
Profession: retail manager for Absolute Bikes
Race classes: MTB pro, sometimes singlespeed, CX 1, road 4
Soulcrafts: baby blue 13.5" Option 3, 49cm Groundskeeper in John Deere green

Why I ride? because getting out in the woods farther than you possibly could walking lets you see amazing things, because every fallen log in the trail is a new challenge, because speed is addictive, and because actually riding keeps me sane after talking about bikes all day.

Best moments on a bike: the first time I cleaned all of Rocky Ridge trail, keeping up with the boys down Tunnel trail, and finishing 2 hard all-day singlespeed races with a smile still on my face
Favorite bands: Midnite, Abja (Virgin Islands reggae)
Why Soulcraft? How many other people get to talk to the guy who actually makes your sweet bike? With what other company can you have your dream bike, right down to haggling over the color? And it's pretty cool to be the only one at the races on a steel hardtail that makes people go "nice bike!"

I spent the season racing all over AZ and the 4-corners region. We went to most of the Mountain States Cup races in Colorado and New Mexico, and wound up pretty successful (AZ state champ, 3 podium finishes in Super D, and a few top-10s in cross country in Colorado). Highlight of my season, though, was the local racing around Flagstaff at the end of the season. There was an underground 12-hour singlespeed race over the best trails in the state, a hot-lap off road beer crit, an 83 mile offroad slog down the rim then back up to Jerome, and some sweet DH racing. Lastly a Dawn-to-Dusk singlespeed event in Phoenix that poured rain the whole time, it was alternately fun and terrifying due to the knee-deep washed that flowed all day. Check out photos Good times.

Hope I'll get out to Cali to meet some of y'all this year, if anyone is heading out this way let me know and we can ride.

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