Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Name: Michael Hosey
Age: 20
Profession: University of Colorado Architecture environmental design
Race class(es): Cross elite U23, Mountain semi-pro, road???
Soulcrafts you own: Option 3, groundskeeper
Why you ride (not race): I ride becuae I race
Best moment on a bike: crossing the line knowing there is nothing left in me
Favorite band(s): all music
Why Soulcraft?: becuase everyone at soulcraft is for real, no shammy-sniffers on this team.

Cross report: This cross season started out back in September in Vegas for the inaugural crossvegas. The event in Vegas was pretty rowdy with tons of fans screaming, throwing beer on the racers, and tempting us poor cyclist with dollar bills on the course. Sean, Matt, and Yuri were present at the race in their tacky get-ups (these guys were ridiculous, probably their prom attire from way back when). The race started very fast with an elite field of racers from around the world and was quickly strung out. Starting in the back-mid section it was very hard to move up. I aggressively tried to pull forward on a sketchy turn and was taken out, all jumbled up and my brakes below the rim I hopped back on the bike in dead last, but managed to catch quite a few guys before being pulled with about 20 min. to go. The rest of the season I have been roller coasting up and down placing top tens in most of the boulder cx series (that is when I don't get flat tires! tubulars certain wheel company??????) This coming weekend I'm racing in the Colorado state championships, then off to Kansas for collegiate cross nationals! Finally after the nationals are over my 11 1/2 month season will come to an end and I can take a couple weeks relaxing before throwing down the big base miles, off to the lighthouse we go Yuri!!!!

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you are busy ,busy, man .nice call on the shammy-sniffers.let me know when you're in town