Friday, December 7, 2007

hi, i'm matt wills

here’s a little bit about me. written according to our fearless leader…

Name - matt wills

Age - 36yrs

Profession - licensed professional architect and recovering bike-shop service manager

Racing class - single speed mountain bike

Soulcraft bikes - two flat bar non-suspension corrected soulcraft holyrollers, one with gears and one SS. one drop-bar holyroller fixed gear, also non-correct, sometimes run freewheel.

Why ride - i ride to be outside and to be in the country off the main roads. i relish the long rides out in the boonies. i also love the feeling of a good two wheel drift thru dusty hardpack narrow trail.

Best biking moments - finishing the Laramie enduro, finishing the Dirty Kanza 200 and finishing the TransIowa V3.

Favorite Bands – way too much music to only list a few bands. i love music, it’s a big part of who i am. aesop rock to zappa. outkast to marvin gaye. miles to weather report. iron maiden to paul oakenfold.

Why Soulcraft - my soulcraft bikes handle better than any other bike i’ve ridden. they are comfortable for extended periods of time. comfortable enough to exploit the advantages of the 29er wheel without those silly springy things.

i’ll have to post some stuff up about “training” and some ride reports and race stories as they occur. hope to meet you all sometime. -mw


The Mayor of Drunkingham said...

Could my eyes be fooling me or is there a shot of Master Wills in the new ish of Dirtrag?
Hes a man of means, to be sure.

mw said...

that was me. and the pic was from the same ride as the pic above. slightly more dramatic scenery then i have typically...