Saturday, December 22, 2007

I finally got a pro contract.

Name- The (dis)honorable mayor of Drunkingham

Age- 37.5

Profession- Former messenger, and monkey wrench. Present art fag, word slinger, Swobo buffoon.

Race classes- Single speed, Masters A and sometimes B cross, cat 11 road, I put the low in 'anglo'.

Soulcrafts I own- One. TheMonsterCrossVisionQuestVirginBuster. I call it 'Shaft', but Sean calls it 'The Dirtbomb'.

Why I ride- The experience of the adventure, to crack a can in the woods, so as I dont get no fatter than I is, to drum up memories of being a little kid loosing myself in the woods with nothing ahead of me but opportunity.

..and also to get rad..

Best moment on a bike- Most recently, a high speed 5 mile cat and mouse with an incredibly belligerent and unreasonable motorist, only to finally have him see me pearched above him on an overpass. As he crawled beneath in the slow-as-molasses traffic and glanced up at my smiling face, he knew what was about to be deposited on his windshield.
My aim is true.

Favorite bands- Shellac, Rocket From The Crypt, The Fluid, Mudhoney, Fugazi, Russian Circles, The Black Sheep, Urge Overkill, Three Years Down, The Dirtbombs, Drive Like Jehu, The Cows, Public Enemy, The Jesus Lizard, Mule, Big Black, Ben Harper, The MC5, Olive Lawn... The list is all on vinyl, and could go on and on.

Why Soulcraft? Truth be told, Ive amassed an amazing collection of friends who are blessed with skill with the torch and I have a collection of bikes made by each of these folks. The Soulcraft however has a special place in my heart due to the fact that this bike single handedly covers every style of riding I might find myself wanting to engage in in a single outing.

Start on the road, peel off onto the fireroad, off onto the rock stewn elevatorshaft of a descent, 
back onto the fire road and then off to the alley cat... Its like a schizophrenic retard on steroids. If it was a person, youd want to give it a wide berth, but as a bike, its truly aces.

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